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Bread! my favorite

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 26, 2007

Do you like bread? My baby Elizabeth just love it like nothing else. And, it’s quite safe to let a 10 months old hold the bread with her own hands and try to eat on her own too. Shoppingmum advised me to train her to eat on her own. No more feeding.

In fact,I’ve tried. But, not very often as it will turn out very messy. I don’t really like it and surprising she hates it too. Yeah… my girl. She don’t really like to hold the food. She will start looking at her fingers and try to get rid of the stickiness I guess, by moving her fingers. End up, she will throw the food away. LOL! Hold on, baby. Hold on. I guess she must be very particular about cleanliness when she grow up, aye?

Anyway, she just won’t throw the bread away as she really like breads. All sorts of bread. She starts eating bread when she was 7 months old. Simply delicious. Can swallow very well too. :)

Mmm… Yummy! :slurp:

  1. Jo-N Said,

    Bread is my favourite too! We are in the same group, ya Elizabeth?

    Yeah! Five! Give me five, buddy! 😉

  2. LZmommy Said,

    My little ones love bread too! They have bread almost everyday!

    Oh! Bread is certainly too delicious. Hard to reject, aye? 😛

  3. anggie Said,

    hmm.. i haven let Jeremy try bread yet, hmm… got also in very small bite, cos he had allergies to wheat lei … now after 1 liau, should slowly introduce to him … hor .

    I think it’s time, Anggie. But, still got to be very careful isn’t it? All the best for the outcome of your trial, Jeremy. 😛

  4. slavemom Said,

    CE oso likes bread. That’s his breakfast everyday. But he doesn’t like mantou. Hmm… I wonder y. Mantou shld be more tasty, no?

    Er… that depends on personal taste. Sometimes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😛

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