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Some Home Education

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 2, 2008

Little Elizabeth has learned a lot from the learning VCDs and books. Somehow, real life experience is still the best education, especially about food and beverages. She will have to recognized the taste, the shape, the color, the smell, the texture by touch it, see it, taste it, hold it, feel it and so on.

Now, she knows what is hot and what is cold. At least, she sees and feels how the ice can turn to water too. Mommy even let her taste some spicy food and her mouth will immediately be wide opened once she feels spicy. And, her face will be wrinkling if there is something sour in her mouth. That’s cute! 😉

Mommy and daddy also bring you to the temple, school, shopping mall, beach, insects farm, animal park, concert, restaurant, playground, bank…… Well! She knows she has to pay for things she wants to buy. And, she will wait for the receipt to come out from the autopay machine each time we were paying our parking.

May be soon she might even know how to use the credit card and understand what is the bank of america balance transfer. Good luck, daddy! Hahaha……

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