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What a Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2008

“Hot! Hot! Very Hot!” That’s what she told me after she touched her forehead this morning.

“Then, you got to take medicine. So sorry, baby!” Mommy has no choice but to force the birthday girl swallow 3.5 ml of paracetamol again and again. Mommy really feels so sorry to see her get sick on her birthday. :(

Luckily, the fever seems not as high as what it used to be. At least she sweats after taking the paracetamol. Then, the temperature just went back to normal after taking paracetamol and 30 minutes of continuous swapping. Not this time! Mommy prays hard for her temperature will not go too high tonight. After all, she’s the birthday girl. Mommy really don’t want her to suffer from fever. Not on her birthday. :(

It started yesterday. And, hopefully it ends by tomorrow.  Oh…What a birthday! Don’t worry! Daddy will be back soon to play with you. Mommy really got to depend on daddy to cheer you up. He is simply good at it. Just as good as his knowledge of the various life insurance rates. Ha!

And, happy birthday my darling! Cheers! As there is still a wonderful party waiting for you to enjoy your special moment. Let’s be wishful for the 8th. 😛

  1. anggie Said,

    poor girl …. get well soon …. happy belated birthday to u …..Elizabeth…… wish you healthy and happy all the time :)

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