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I got Punished

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 6, 2008

My fever is only around 38 degree yesterday. Save mom from lots of worries, I knew. Thus, she even went to the market to buy vegetables. And, spend time in settling the auto insurance quotes. Then, drive straight away to the post office to claim the goverment reimbursement for petrol.

But, she insisted that I need swapping when she was back. I cried! I shouted! I kicked and struggled! Immediately, I got punished from being tantrum. Mom put me at one corner in the room. Then, just keep swapping wihtout concerning my terrible temper.

Innitially, I cried louder. And, keep shouting for “kakak”. Slowly, I cried softer. Finally, I stopped. And, I surrendered to the swapping. :(

The good news is… I have no more fever now. And, I am going to Tesco later. Let’s shopping! Hehe…

Mommy will never beat Elizabeth. As I think that’s torturing and hurtful. But, she definitely needs some minor punishment like this, setting her up at a corner and just let her cry. At least she can learn that she had did something wrong.

Daddy! Please don’t get mad with mommy, ok? LOL!

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