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My Birthday Presents

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 11, 2008

I thought she will only appreciates the big and lovely teddy bear cake. That’s it! 😛

However, just sing the birthday song now. She will run straight to the Christmas tree and grab some presents placed under the tree. That’s how she relates birthday song with birthday presents, cute aye? Hahahaha……

At the birthday party, this little birthday girl just can’t wait to open all the presents while we were still singing birthday song for her.  So, she were busy opening all the beautiful boxes before she cuts her lovely teddy bear cake. LOL!

Mmm… quite a nice shirt! (of course! Life Baby Leh!) Thanks “Gu Gu” (uncle Bill). 😛


Wow! Fish! Thank you, mummy! Among all the presents that you gave me. This is the best! 😉 (Mummy actually bought 5 presents. There are puzzles, flash cards and ABCs magnets. Hehe…)


Oh! This is lovely! May be there is more! 😉  Thanks to 3 big “Koko” — uncle Bill’s friends. (By the way, this princess lunch box is her favorite among all the presents)


She also get some Ang Pau from the elderly. And, geomatry game from her grand auntie, dresses from her grandma’s friend and her “kuku” (daddy’s sis). 😛

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