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Paed explain on diarrhea with blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 31, 2007


If baby having diarrhea with blood can due to many reasons:

1)    Lack of vitamin K. (I think this should be the reason Elizabeth got diarrhea, she took     vitamin K immediately in the hospital after the paed diagnosed. About 2 ml, didn’t observe carefully while the nurse feed her.) If this is the cause, baby will get well once they have enough intake of vitamin K.

We just don’t have to worry and trying hard to squeeze in all the food which rich in vitamin K to the baby’s stomach. As what the paed explained, a few ml of vitamin K intake is exactly what the baby need to quite a long period.

2)    Intususception. This is a rare disorder which a part of the intestine, usually the small intestine, telescopes into the intestine ahead of it. If this is the case, operation is needed. However, the results of the operation are usually excellent.

There are other symptoms that we should watch out to roughly figure out weather he or she pass a motion of blood-stained mucus, like red jelly is caused by this problem.

If it’s intususception, a previously healthy baby may suddenly scream violently for a few minutes. This screaming may recurs every few minutes. Then, the baby will turn pale and limp. Also, may vomit or pass a motion of blood-stained mucus. Thus, they may scream at the same time they have diarrhea.

3)    Commonly, Diarrhea is caused by food poisoning.

4)    Our baby might have intestine infection at the time they have diarrhea. So beware of this problem. Check they baby temperature often. If he or she has fever, that might be the sign of intestine infection. 

Hope this this post is informative. :)

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