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Posted by Everyday Healy on November 1, 2007

Oh! I woke up about 8am that day. I just had enough Zzzz. So fresh and have great mood. May be because mummy wake up together with me. Then, mummy switch on the TV for me since I don’t want milk milk. Oh…Yes! Cartoon! I like it! So I agree to sat on the bumbo seat. I just won’t feel easy if I just keep my hand empty. So… I pick the handkerchief beside.

Then, here you go…… Mummy just keep Snap! Snap! Snap! And snap! So, I just make fun out of it by keep post!Post! And… Post! 😛

I used to make all kinds of actions too, just like what I did that day while watching TV. How is that, dad? Lovely? Sweet? 😉

That’s Chicky Lizzy!

  1. Jo-N Said,

    If she is 6-11 years old, she can go for Miss Disney Princess competition. (Will post this on my blog later).

    Really? The point is… Got prize if I join? Best there is something to eat! 😛

  2. huisia Said,

    thanks for dropping by my blog:)
    Girl being girl, likes to hold things..

    Ha! That handkerchief in my hand makes me look so girlish hor… Mummy say she has been to your blog before leh. May be you forget cause it’s quite some time she never been there. 😛

  3. slavemom Said,

    As always, Lizzy’s a natural poser. 😉
    U put the bumbo seat on the sofa kah? Do be careful ya.. coz once she hv more strength, she may rock herself out of it. And the seat may lose its balance.
    Btw, glad to hear she’s fully recovered from her diarrhea.

    Oh! I better correct it. it’s not potty. it’s bumbo seat. thanks ya! And…

    “I already can climb out from the seat now. Thus, I was never left alone.” 😛

  4. sasha Said,

    hi do u know bumbo seats are called-back item? something wrong with the seat and they’re calling it back

    😯 oh! I really have to check this out. Thanks for the info.

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