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I am a SuperHero

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 3, 2009

Half an hour ago,  she came around and said: “Mummy, Cheez… Cheez…”

“Wow… This is cool! Alright! Stand over there. Mummy will take pictures for you to show daddy, ok?”

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “Doremon Mask Girl” has come to the rescue!

How’s the mask and my post, daddy? Hahahaha……She post like professional. And, mummy is so proud of my little Super Model. Ops… I think she prefer to be SuperHero! Hahahahaha……

Unbelievable! 😛

  1. slavemom Said,

    This superhero is super cute! 😉 And vy good at posing too.

    Yeah… Mummy should have take more pictures for her. And, thanks for your complement, Auntie! 😛

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