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My 28th Months Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 5, 2009

This is my birthday cake. I like it so much! mummy said It’s my 28th months birthday. Huh? šŸ˜Æ (Whatever! As long as there is birthday cake and birthday song.)

Well… Thanks to “kakak”. I blow the candle on this cake and sing the birthday song almost everyday. Everyday is my birthday, Hooray! šŸ˜›

And, singing is my life now. I sing every minute. IĀ  even change and made my own lyrics for the rhythms that I have learned. It’s so fun to sing. As I sing, I like to move my body with the beat too. Cool! Let’s dance! šŸ˜‰

I hate school. But, mum keep sending me to trial class. Hey! Can it be beach or pet shop? Let’s “kai kai”. No school. No! But, I want to go “kai kai”. Anyone please? Hehe……

I sing… I dance… and now I speak in sentences. Thus, I can even tell stories. But, only very short one. Something within 10 words? Hehe……Well, mummy said I really can act. Yeah… I can show you how baby cries, how people blows their nose, what did the announcer says, some hip hop dances, how teacher scold the students, and fantastic decious look. And, I have 100s of different posts stand by for mummy to take pictures. :)

By the way, good news! Mummy let me eat prawns now. Fried prawn is yummy. But, I prefer vege and rice. It’s so good! *Slurp*

Er… also milk, potato chips, chocolates and some fruits. Apple, pink guava and banana is my favorite. I like grapes and oranges too. But, mummy said they can make me cough. Ok. So, no ice cream, no grapes and no orange juice? :(

Of course not. I decided to take these food once in a while. :)

Yes! I will make decision. No one can force me to do anything. Anything that I don’t like, I say “No!”, when I was force to do or stop doing something, I cry! Cool! Hahahaha……

So… I decide when and where to”pooh” and “wee wee” too.

“Not in the potty?”Ā  That’s right!

“In your pants?” That’s a fantastic idea!

“Oh My God!”

Cool! That’s what I always says. Sometimes, I will replaced it with “Oh, Shit!” It is always better as it is simplier. Hahahahahaha……

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