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See Iguana

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 26, 2009

Yesterday, we went out for lunch.

Liz: “Mummy… No inguana.”

Mummy: “Of course, it’s quite impossible to see iguana in a coffee shop.”

Liz: “Mm! No iguana.”

Later when we came home.

Daddy: “Are you boring, Elizabeth? Where you want to you?”

Liz: “See iguana.”

Daddy: “Not again! We go there almost every week. Not too often, baby.”

So, this little cheeky was hinting usĀ  she wants to go to the CTY pet shop even when we are still taking lunch. LOL! So cute!

This morning…

Liz:”Daddy, don’t want go school. Go see iguana.”

On the way to the kinder beat class…

Liz: ” Don’t want go school! Don’t want go school! See iguana! See igauna!” Throwing tantrum, jumping and was going to cry.

Mummy:”Alright. Music class first. Then, we go see iguana.”

And, yes! She was so happy while we were hanging around the CTY pet shop. But, she visited the baby shark more than the iguana. :roll:

Obviously she knows how to make a request on where to go now.

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