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Hotel for Dogs

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 6, 2009

So sorry, baby. These few days mummy just too busy. Busy getting new “kakak” for you, also busy watching Taiwanese drama series. Once in a while, just give mummy a little bit more of  “me”  time, ok? :)

Well, may be this little princess just won’t mind. As she has “Hotel for Dogs”.

So touching! She loves this movie so much! So do mummy. Anyway, she can watched it 3 times in a row in one whole day.  Hey, Girl! Many other mummies will surely warn me for giving you too much of TV time. LOL!

Frankly, mummy still take it easy. As mummy and daddy will do exactly the same thing for the movies we truly enjoy too. Mummy is not worry, as not every movie has the same effect on her.

It’s good to learn the caring and loving attitude from this movie too. And, mummy knows how much she loves dogs. Mummy actually feels so sorry sometimes for not getting a puppy for her. As mummy is worried that “Harry”will not accept another dog in this house. :(

Never mind. We can visit CTY every weekends like what we did now. Still so fun, right? Hehe……

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