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I clap

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2007

I used to afraid of the sounds of people’s clap when I was a baby until about 6 months old. Strange aye? I really don’t know why… it’s too loud may be; or too sudden most of the time, a bit unprepared. :sad:

Anyway, I started to get used with it a few months back. Then, I began to enjoy when others clap for me as I understand this is a way to praise me for my funny tricks or clever deeds. 😛

Thus, I must learn how to clap too. It’s fun! Finally, I made it since last week. And, I keep showing my new talent to everyone who requested it. Sometimes, I just did it myself. Just for fun!

I know there are so much more to learn. I am working hard on it. :)

  1. huisia Said,

    i can’t wait to see my bb claps his hands..
    woo…that’s cute!

    I know how you feel. But, better enjoy his turn first. I realized we must precious every moment of their development. Once it’s gone. it’s gone forever. I miss her younger days.. 😥

  2. huisia Said,

    btw, i love your blog header, so gorgeous!

    Ar? You like that? I am so glad you did! 😛

  3. slavemom Said,

    Yay! Lizzy’s learnt a new trick! Even now I still think it’s really entertaining when CE claps (altho he’s been doing that for many mths oredi). We are proud mommies, rite?

    Absolutely. Her dad is worst. He always repeat this to me, “Don’t you think she is so clever?” :roll:

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