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Hello, Poh Poh

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 22, 2009

 2 days ago……

Liz:”Can we go to “Poh Poh” house?”

Yesterday, “Gong Gong” called. She was so happy. She wanted to answered the phone. Usually, she will just listen. And, surpirse! For the first time, she started to respond while daddy was hinting her at the side.

“Hello, Poh Poh.”

“Hello, Gong Gong.”

“I miss you, Poh Poh.”


But, in a very soft voice tone, as soft as the mouse making noise. Hahahaha……

Good try! Happy for you, baby! Anyway, “Poh Poh” is leaving to Bangkok soon. May be we will visit “Poh Poh” tomorrow for one last time before “Poh Poh” fly. 😛

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