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Surprise from RB Communication

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 26, 2009

Mummy is studying a lot on SM recently. So interested in helping my little princess to develop her right brain. Unfortunately, there is no SM school in Penang. So, I bought a book on SM and try to learn from it.

I started to communicate with my girl through thoughts before or after she sleep. One simple try. Normally, she will wake up around 9 to 10 am. So, I told her to wake up on 8am every morning. Remember, it’s a silent communication, only through thoughts. Surprisingly, she did it! It works so well for the past 3 days. Hard to believe. But, it’s so attractive. Hopefully, it continues to work for the days to come. LOL!

Obviously, our right brain is so powerful. But, it works in a very different way. So, I also try to play background music for her while she was reading. Besides, I play some learning CDs for her too while she was playing. It becomes so convenient to do it when I recorded all the needed sounds into MP3 players.

Supposedly, these methods are easier for her to remember what’s on the book when there is soft background music on play.  And,  she will also stored all the ABCs and 123 into her brain unknowingly, if we play the learning CDs for her during her play time.

Well, this is nothing difficult. Worth trying. And, with no expectation, there is always surprises. 😉

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