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Good News! She walks

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 4, 2007

Today is my little girl’s 11th month. And, surprise! Truly surprise! She just walk non stop yesterday night. She keep walking. From 3 steps to 4 steps, then, 5 steps, 6 steps, 7 steps. Can walk but not fully walking yet. Her development on language and other skills are speeding too. She can learn quite fast nowadays. Unbelievable! As long as I take time to teach her. She just keep surprise me… I felt amazing, happy, excited and very proud of this little one. :applause:

So, below is her current developments:

  1. She eat every 2 to 3 hours. In between, she take lots of snacks too. In short, she really can eat a lot, but still not big enough. :)
  2. She likes porridge cook with pork and many types of vegetables.
  3. Still drinking syrup — Ribena rather than plain water.
  4. She enjoy taking steam or bake fish now.
  5. Still taking lots of organic jar fruits as snacks. Thus, no constipation problems.
  6. Biscuits and bananas are her new preference.
  7. She is not picky in food, just a bit greedy! 😛
  8. She can claps, loves to point, do twinkle twinkle little stars with her fingers, showed “good”, she knows how to press all the buttons of remote controls, calculators and mobile phones. She can squat. She can turn round and round just by sitting on the floor too. Cute!
  9. In terms of play pretend, she can talk in the phone, drinks with cup, hug her soft toys and sing.
  10. She likes peekaboo games. She will walk to the door and hide behind it. Then, once you say “Chak”, she will show herself with slanting her head a bit and smile! Very cute! 😛
  11. She likes her dad to chase her around too. She knows how to run away. As she try to run away, she will shout and laugh.
  12. She still likes to roll on mummy’s bed. But, she likes to lay down lazily on the sofa or pillows too. However, she will never lay down on a hard surface like the floor. May be she already understand that’s hurt!
  13. She knows how to say “nan nan” means milk.
  14. She enjoy songs nowadays. She will ask me to continue singing for her once I started. She will go back to sleep again once I sing twinkle twinkle little stars if she wakes up middle of the night and cried. Easy for mummy, aye? :)
  15. She is now crazy over baby Einstein, she can watch more than 3 times a day. Did I mentioned last month that she usually will instruct you to go to the VCDs, and put on her show if she don’t like what’s on the TV now. :)
  16. She still will take off her shoes every time I put them on. :roll:
  17. She can remember and recognized the things you showed and pronounce to her almost immediately.
  18. But, she still don’t really enjoy learning with flash cards or books. She only likes to flip them.
  19. She is still a very friendly baby. She will asked strangers around to play with her especially children, but not carry her. ( Still quite dangerous, aye? ) :roll:
  20. She is now learning how to put things back once she take it out. For instance, once she take off her dad’s sunglass, she will try to put it back on his face immediate. But, she still not “pass” yet. The only thing is you will see her gaining satisfaction and smile happily once she successfully put it back. :)
  21. She learn how to scold things or people too. Few days ago, she knocked on a chair. She keep going round the chair, pointing at it and grumbling non stop. OMG! So long winded and revengeful. :roll:
  22. She can understand many things now. Just still can’t really talk yet. oh! Poor girl! And, Poor mummy and daddy cause she still don’t call mum or dad yet. 😥
  1. LZmommy Said,

    Hooray! Elizabeth is walking! :) She is doing very well… But mommy to have to cut down on the ribena… My friend’s kid doesn’t like water and she fed him syrup drinks only and now, he has to visit dentist very often. Dentist advised her to cut down on that.

    Oh! That’s true. I think I will slowly cut it down. However, I only mix a few drops of Ribena in about 6oz of water now. I know is not good. Thus, no other sweet drinks too. Just that I can’t completely take away Ribena at the moment as I realized she really drink a lot more water with the few drops of Ribena. I am still working on it. :)

  2. slavemom Said,

    Well done, Lizzy! U’re walking oredi.. n ur mommy’s gonna hv more headache once u start walking n exploring all over the hse. 😀 I’m imagining her going ard, scolding the chair.. super cute!

    Oh! Yes! we are busy blocking her from areas which are not for her to play such as near the TV whre is a lot og wires. :)

  3. fannie Said,

    congratS!!!! U are going to have more fun and busy time ahead :)

    That’s right! Help me…… 😯

    But, Still glad she finally walks. 😛

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