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I walk and walk and walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 10, 2007

Oh! I seldom crawl on the floor anymore cause that hurts my knee. I prefer to walk now, especial in the house. In fact, I am kind of excited every time I walk on my own. Feel so amazing! It’s unbelievable. Finally, I walk. Thus, I am always smiling as I walk. Just like this.

Faster! Faster! Faster! If I can run now, I can enjoy playing hide and seek with daddy. That would be so much fun! Hooray! 😛

  1. anggie Said,

    wow… so happy is girl.. walk and smile and walk…… envy envy
    oh yah.. my Jeremy can walk for 4-5 steps without holding anything !!! is this consider walk ? I m so happy lei …. but after that he dun wan to walk liau …. *-*

    Ops… Jeremy Kor Kor, be brave, k? Together… we walk, walk, walk and walk and walk! 😉

  2. LZmommy Said,

    Finally I get to see the video of her walking :) Well done Elizabeth! So are you playing catching with your Mommy? :)

    Oh! That’s for daddy and Lizzy. Not for mummy! She just too lazy to chase me around. :roll:

  3. anggie Said,

    dear lizzy, u r doing very well, aunty anggie have a award for u, ask mummy to show u where Kor kor Jeremy blog .. ok …. http://eiggna.blogspot.com/

    Okie… Coming! 😛

  4. sharine Said,

    hi lizzy, aunty sharine just know you have a new home! This new home is so pretty! Congrate on your walking adventures and I’m sure one day later you can play hide n seek with en en!

    Sure, we can! Even now, we can play Peekaboo first! hehe… You just invite the right person. I just love to play with “ko ko” and “jie jie”. 😉

  5. slavemom Said,

    Lizzy can walk quite steadily ler. Must be due to lots of practice hor. Well done!

    Oh! I walk non stop. In fact, I tried to run.But, I fall! :roll:

  6. Angeleyes Said,

    Congratulation! Hope you have fun walking and walking! 😛

    Oh! I am trying how to run now! 😉

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