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Bye Bye, mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 1, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, “Kakak” went out shopping with my mum after little Elizabeth fell asleep. But, this little girl woke up before the maid come home. She cried. Keep crying for “kakak”.

Mummy then carry her into daddy’s office to see the fishes in the aquarium. Still, she was rolling on the floor, kicking and pushing mummy and the sofa. Well, mummy don’t want her to torture herself, neither the office furniture.

So, the same old trick. Mummy have to carry her walk around the house, showing her every corner, then explained to her slowly that even if she cry, “Kakak” can never hear it as she is not around.

It works like all the other times. Thanks for being so thoughtful,  my dear! But, she still asked for the maid every now and then. Since the maid is leaving next week, mummy decided to talk. Try to explain that the maid is leaving.

Mummy told her something like, the maid is not part of the family. She just work here. She will be going back to Indo next week. Then, new “Kakak” will come and replace her work. Little Elizabeth keep quiet while listening to mummy.

“Mummy, we go Indonesia.” replied little Elizabeth after mummy stop talking.

“But, we don’t have house there, we can’t stay there for long. Only “kakak” stay there with her family.” I try to explain again.

“Er… I go Indonesia with “kakak”? ” Asked Elizabeth.

“You want to follow “Kakak”?” asked mummy.

“Hmm.” replied Elizabeth.

“Then, you will not see mummy and daddy again. Is that ok?” mummy asked.

She keep quiet for 1 or 2 minutes.

“I go Indonesia. Bye bye!” That’s her final answer.

*Sob Sob* Mummy want to cry now. Frankly, tears nearly burst out from mummy’s eyes. And, a bit worried what’s going to happen next week when “kakak” is not coming back anymore. Hopefully she likes the new maid. :roll:

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