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Miracle happened on the 14th day

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 2, 2009


Unforgettable… Unforgettable……

hYou might ask what’s so unforgettable? It’s my girl’s first time in uniform! 😛

And once she put on this magic uniform, she stop crying. I wondered how. But, it just happened. So unbelievable! May it because she was touched. As mummy try to look into her eyes and keep hugging her, showing 2 thumbs up last night, while trying to convince her to become a brave girl who will never cry in school? So, she finally decided to be as brave as Bumble Bee. Yes! She loves TRANSFORMER! Ha!

Or may it because the uniform makes her feels as the same group with her friends in school. Sense of belonging I mean. Or it just simply means ” I like the uniform”. Hehe…..

Anyway, mummy was so touched. Tears nearly burst out just because of this simple occasion. Cause it really means so big to mummy. May be all the while mummy appeared to be so cruel. Just keep sending her to school even though she sheds tears.

The truth is… mummy is not cruel at all. Not as tough as it seems too. Mummy actually feels so sorry and upset, each and every time sees her crying. So worried! But, I have to pretend nothing big and just be persistent. As that’s the only way to help little Elizabeth understands that there is always something we need to obey even though we don’t really like it. Also, she just have to learn to be independent.

And, you did it! You did it great! Mummy is so proud of you, darling! And, you really look great wearing the uniform. So pretty! Just keep up with that sweet smile. Love you! 😉

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