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Kakak go home Indonesia

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 7, 2009

That’s what she told us when she came home from school. Yes! Good girl! Mummy is so glad that you finally understands and excepts it. 😛

Kakak was sent to the airport by granny yesterday night. Mummy never let little Elizabeth say goodbye to her. We played in the room as granny and kakak sneaked out from the house. No choice. As that should be the best for this little one.

She realized kakak was gone after 15 minutes.

Mummy: “Girl, mummy need to tell you something. Look at mummy. Er… Kakak is flying home to Indonesia now.”

Immediately she run out from the room to the front door and start shouting: “Kakak”……Kakak”…… Soon, she was struggling, kicking,crying at the corner. Tears keep bursting out like heavy rain.

Liz: “Kakak…… Kakak……”

Mummy:” Oh, I am sorry , girl! You still have daddy and mummy. We will always be with you.”

Liz:” No! “Kakak…. Kakak…… Kakak sayang!”

Mummy:” Of course kakak sayang (loves) Elizabeth. But, kakak also loves her daddy and mummy. Kakak have to go back to  Indonesia to be with her daddy and mummy like Elizabeth too. I know you are very upset. Mummy understands. You can cry. Mummy will always be here when you want hug hug, ok?”

She even wee wee on the floor and hoping kakak will come and clean for her. Her intention is clear as she started to calm down when she saw kakak never come out and clean the “shi shi”. So, she let mummy clear it. Then, mummy quickly hug her. Carry her to every corner of the house, hoping she will except that kakak is no longer here.

She is ok later. But, she cried again this morning, as early as 5.30am. As that’s the time she will wake up to drink milk. And, she was sitting at a corner and cried more than 1 hour this time. Poor Girl! We are so sorry! :(

Well, she still stop crying and go to school later. The best part is…… She likes the new kakak so much! Yes! The new kakak came just in time. Right after the old kakak leave. And, little Elizabeth has no problem staying with her in the garden. She even let the new maid washed her hair. That’s amazing! Hahahaha……

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