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No more “Don’t Want”

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 16, 2009

It’s Thursday. Finally, little Elizabeth stopped crying as she woke up and getting prepared to school. She even let the new kakak to brush her hair and put on mosquito repellent. Hooray!

In fact, she treated the new maid nicely only for the first day. For the past 1 week, she was very rude. Keep shouting “Don’t want kakak!” whenever the new maid goes near her. On Monday, she even started to beat kakak. And, she also throws the bottle away whenever kakak tries to fill in Ribena or makes milk for her.:shock:

This is terribly rude. Something unexpected. So, mummy was the one who bathe, prepared lunch and dinner and play with her. Once daddy is back, he will takeover. But last night, she even insisted that daddy have to wipe her body and put on clothes for her after she bathe. Somehow, daddy is working so hard in the toilet. Hahahaha……

She just keep shouting for daddy. Keep crying, rolled on the floor, and pulled her hair. She said:” I don’t want mummy.” Wow… This is insane. She suddenly became like a barbarian. So, mummy and daddy decided to say “no” and avoid her together when she was too forceful.

Mummy:” Baby, look at mummy. If you keep acting very rude, keep saying don’t want this and that, or don’t want kakak, don’t want mummy or don’t want grandma, that’s it! You are all alone. Mummy is going to leave you alone. So do daddy. No one is going to be with you, talk to you and play with you.” 😯

*Sigh* It seems working well this morning. Hooray! 😛

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