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My mouth got blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 24, 2009


Yesterday, there is still a big bump. But obviously It’s healing well.

“Don’t worry. She did not complain. In fact, she said no pain.” That’s what mummy keep telling daddy. As daddy was so worried. :(

Little Elizabeth was quite careful most of the time. Thus, she seldom fall. But, just right on the day of the total eclipse of the sun, she fell. I know. Mummy sounds a little bit superstitious. LOL!

Well, she was chasing daddy out to the front door as daddy picked up a call, while mummy was taking my dinner. Then, mummy heard a loud cry. Daddy quickly carry her and saw her mouth was full of blood. She missed a step and fell. Obviously, her lips was bitten by her teeth and was injured seriously.

Frankly, I think that hurts a lot as the wound is full of blood initially. Useless phoneline! The signal in our house never get proper coverage. That’s what makes daddy always got to rush out to receive a call. 😯

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