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Where is the Ribena?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 25, 2009

As most of the aunties out there keep bombarding that it is not right to let Elizabeth drinks Ribena all the time. “That’s too sweet.” Even Poh Poh said that.

Alright! So less Ribena Syrup. Just about a teaspoon into about 8 to 9 ounce of water. (Ha! Absolutely tasteless! :P)

And, this is how it goes as she drank it.

Liz:” Where is the Ribena?”

Mummy:” Er… It doesn’t taste and look like Ribena anymore, right?”

First, this only happened in the house. So instead of Ribena, she starts asking for Soya bean milk or orange juice while at home. Plain water? Sure. Just one sip at a time. :roll:

Now, the teacher is complaining that she will cry and refuse to drink water whenever she was asked to. It’s Montessori school. Choices are given. No forcing. And to certain extend, free will is respected. So, mummy just got to think of a way and work together with the teacher to make little Elizabeth drink water again. 😛

But, how?

Mummy:” Why you don’t want to drink water in school?”

Liz:” I don’t like water bottle.”

Mummy:”So, how about we change it to milk bottle?”

Liz:” Mm!”

Mummy:” Alright! Mummy will let you bring the milk bottle. So, promised that you will finish the water in it, ok?”

She did nod her head. But, mummy heard no words of  “pormised”.

Mummy:” Ok. Come! I show you. Mummy puts more Ribena inside, ok? But, promised to drink all the Ribena in the bottle, ok?”

At the end of the school, the bottle was empty. Gosh! How come she is so addicted to Ribena? Is there any drug rehab plan that helps to get rid of this Ribena addiction? LOL!

May be it’s not the Ribena. It’s the sweetness. She fall for sweet things. OMG!

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