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What a little book worm

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 28, 2009

Mummy had a nice talk with her school principle last week. According to the principle, books are her favourite compared to other Montessori materials. Just like what happen at home. She prefers books much more than toys. What a little book worm! Hahahaha……

So, we went to Popular bookstore at Queensbay Mall on last Saturday. Frankly, she was so happy. And, these were what she get.

Liz:” I want to read the donkey!” That’s what she keep complaining as she saw a set of 4 books clearly printed at the back of every of  these storybooks. So, she finally get it just now. As we visited Gurney Plaza’s Popular bookstore.

  1. mommy to chumsy Said,

    ahhh…good that your little princess likes books 😀 a very good habit.

    Mm! Mummy is always busy developing her good habits. And, mummy is so glad that we have made a successful in terms of good reading habit. :)

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