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1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 29, 2009

According to mummy’s observation, this little cheeky loves music and maths. So, must continue the counting. Not only 1 to 20. And, she just keep on asking mummy to read the numbers and counts together with her ” 1 Violin, 2 Rein deers, 3 Staplers………, 49 alarm clocks, 50 puppies” as she get this little book since Saturday.

So, it’s 1 to 50 now. 😉

Besides, mummy also bought some white plain cards yesterday. Planning to print some dot cards for little Elizabeth. Say, 50 to 100?  Since mummy is going to print, how about starting a printing lesson for Elizabeth too? Somehow, I am sure she can handle it immediately, if she got a chance to sit in front of the receipt printer, watching the receipts being printed out non stop for all day long. Repetition always works. However, it should be terribly bored, isn’t it? LOL!

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