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Posted by Everyday Healy on August 3, 2009

Daddy has gone to Lumut this morning. And will only come back 3 days later. Baby and mummy were left at home. Worst still, we are both sick. But, it’s ok. We are recovering. Elizabeth got runny nose since Thursday. Thus, the yellowish mucus seems stop flowing out from the nose since this morning. No more sneezing too. :)

However,  pity this little girl suffering fever and runny nose since Thursday. So, today MC. No school. Stay at home enjoyed the cartoon and play. In fact, she was so happy when she managed  to catch up with her favorite cartoon called “Animal Mechanical” this morning. 😉

Mummy:” We will skip school today. But, promised that you will go to school tomorrow, k?”

Liz:”……” *Silent* :roll:

Such a “hardworking” girl.

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