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No need to wake up earlier anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 5, 2009

Final decision, little Elizabeth will be staying at home until next week. In fact, mummy is still considering weather should stop her from schooling for the whole August. As her flu is quite serious this time.

Also, we just see her pediatrician just now. Mummy is advised to keep little Elizabeth at home as far as possible, especially the next 2 weeks. Wait till her immunity is strengthen. And, we are advised to inject the Influenza vaccine for little Elizabeth once she recovered.

Sorry, dear! It’s all mummy’s fault. Mummy was reminded to give you another injection since the precious Influenza vaccine due on July. But, mummy thought as you grow older, you might not need to depend on the vaccine anymore. So sorry! Mummy is absolutely wrong this time. Mummy felt so guilty every time  I see you crying as you were forced to take medicine. :(

H1N1 is almost everywhere now. And, children and the elderly are at high risk. Thus,her peadiatrition actually think it’s best to keep small children at home rather than going to school.

She seems very happy though. No need to go to school. No need to wake up earlier anymore. Can sleep longer hours until 9 to 10 am every morning. 😛

  1. sharine Said,

    oh dear…. hope she has speedy recovery. It’s better not to go school during this moment… well, I never enrol En En to any school yet though she’s already 3 years plus.

    Because of all these scary diseases or you think it’s too early to send them to school?

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