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I want Daddy Massage

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 11, 2009

Liz:”Daddy! Daddy! I want daddy!”

That’s what commonly heard for the past 2 weeks as she was sick. Daddy feed. Daddy bathe. Daddy change. Then, she was crying, grumbling while sleeping on Monday morning. That’s very early in the morning. Only about 7am.

Daddy:” What do you want?” Liz:” I want daddy massage.” *Sob* *Sob* 😯

Gosh! Luckily she didn’t ask daddy to make milk.Well, daddy said this is a real pay back. As he never help up in taking care of this little naughty before. Hahaha……

So, who make the milk? Mummy! :roll:

It’s either mummy or daddy. The maid can’t even touch the towel. If the maid help to take anything, she just got to put it back at the same place, then mummy go get it for Elizabeth again. Fussy! Terribly fussy! So end up it’s the maid who manage to get a good rest. And, mummy and daddy can’t even get a good night sleep for almost 1 week already. :roll:

Trust me! Even as her mum, I don’t even know what kind of logic is that. But the good news is…… She has finally recovered from flu after 2 long weeks. *Sigh* 😛

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