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Come out!

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2009

Mummy:” We will wait until you are stronger then only we go to school, ok?”

Liz nod nod.

Mummy:” We also stop going to music class and right brain class. May be 2 to 3 weeks. So that you can have proper rest.”

Liz:” No! I want to go drawing and story and music class, ok?”

Mummy:” You mean you want to continue music and right brain class is it?”

Liz nod nod. Mummy smiles. Amazing! Mummy was so grateful as she showed her dedication to all the extra lessons. So what did she do everyday? Eat, sleep, play, read, paint, draw and watch DVDs or TV cartoons. Quite balance, aye? 😛

Yeah… But, she practically chased a girl who is trying to play in the play house with her away. She was shouting at her. So loud! Extremely rude! But, that’s a public playground in Queensbay Mall, girl? Also, the “Jie Jie’s” daddy is just right there watching.

Liz:” Mummy! Mummy! Jie Jie come out! Come out! Come out!”

“Stop shouting! Stop crying! This is shopping mall, ok? You are not at home. Stop chasing Jie Jie away! This play house is not yours. Learn to make friends! Share share, ok?”

She just keep shouting :” Come Out! Come out!”

Gosh! Immediately, mummy was breathless! Speechless! And, deep in my thoughts: “Daddy! Help!” So, mummy called daddy. And, leave all the mess to daddy. Hehe……

Well, is this my girl? *This is so… Ridiculous!*

And, only school with lots of school and classmates can help. LOL!

By the way, this shameful scene happened on last Sunday.

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