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Mummy so Clever

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2009

We were in the car and an Ambulance past by.

Mummy:”Ambulance go where?”

Liz:” Er… Ambulance go airport?”

Mummy:”Huh? No… Ambulance go to hospital.”

Liz:”Mm! Mummy so clever.”

Yeah… Mummy so clever! Hahahahahaha…………

Yesterday, while we were at the post office…

Liz:” Mummy… Hospital.”

Mummy:” Did you say hospital?”

Liz:”Mm! Hospital.” *Pointing at the post office.

Mummy:”Er…Does this place looks like hospital? But it’s post office, girl!”

Liz:”Post office.”

Mummy:”Yeah…” 😛

Your grandma teaches you fumigation. You know stingray and can differentiate leopard and cheetah. You know how the butterfly was “born”. You can also recognized “Taj Mahal”. And, you already started playing pretend as a cashier, calculating on calculator and asked us to pay certain amount. Besides, your dance got so many styles.

So… Who is clever? 😉

But, there is still so much more to learn. For example, what is manufactured home? What’s the scientist job? How to play piano and so on. So, keep it up, baby! 😛

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