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First time in the Cinema

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 24, 2009

Despite the scary H1N1, we went to cinema for G.I. JOE. Mummy really don’t know what am I thinking too. Totally stop this little cheeky from school, but bring her to the crowded cinema. LOL! Daddy said school children always sick, and they will still play together closely even they are sick. So, sickness can be easily spread among school children. Sounds true also. 😛

Anyway, this is your first movie in the cinema, baby! And, you enjoyed it. Just that you were shivering when  you saw the men were being injected on the face, suffred then turned ugly. So sorry! Hehe…

Also, you did asked for milk about the end of the show. But, your milk was left with kak Su who was shopping in the mall. Again… So sorry, dear! Somehow, You still sit still until the end of the show. That’s very thoughtful! 😛

And, I think you did enjoyed the big screen in the cinema. As you said you want to go to the cinema again. The darkness seems ok to you. And, you really stick on the chair, not really talking, just kind of concentrate. Well done, darling! Daddy is so proud of you!  :)

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