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Buy the 3 legs

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 30, 2009

Daddy is watching a spider with Elizabeth.

Daddy:” Let it go, baby. This spider already injured. See… It has only 5 legs. ”

So, the spider is gone in seconds.

Liz:” Where is the spider?”

Daddy:” Let it go, baby. Spider has 8 legs. But, this spider only have 5 legs.  Where are the other 3 legs go?”

Mummy was trying to explain by showing 8 minus 5 using fingers.

Mummy:” So where is the other 3 legs?”

Liz:” Oh! Can buy the 3 legs.”


It’s funny, isn’t it? But, mummy is kind of proud that there is certain extent of logic there. At least little Elizabeth does understand that the spider’s legs need replacement. And, she seems manage to find a solution for this problem. That is to buy new legs and replace it. Isn’t it a good try?  :)

Of course, it’s time to teach her about things we cannot just buy and replace it. At least not the spider legs.  😛

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