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She asked for it

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2007

This is Elizabeth’s new toy phone that daddy just bought for her this Sunday. She already learn how to talk on a phone about a month ago. Thus, she likes phone. Most importantly, she will ask for something whenever we bring her to a shop. If she has nothing in her hands while when we walk out from the shop, she will start crying. OMG! She might just be another future shopping queen! :roll:

I think by now she can understand perfectly that we buy things from shops and bring them home. So, this is what her father get for her at the mart inside Caltex petrol station, when we stop for fill up. It’s about RM5. Girls are girls. This phone with pearl string seems please her. However, It’s better to cut this pearl string out of the phone, just in case she might swallow the beads if the string accidentally break. 😛

I guess we just have to get ready that once our baby reach certainly level of understanding, they will start being demanding in terms of material wants. And, I guess at this 11th month stage, it’s just the beginning. 😆

  1. LZmommy Said,

    Wa! So young and she is a shopping queen! Be careful mommy, you will have a hole in your pocket soon :) Hehehe…

    The hole is already big enough now! 😆

  2. sharine Said,

    so lucky to have her own handphone at suh a young age. En En never want a toy phone and she’s hoping to get our REAL phone! *pengsan*

    That’s normal. Elizabeth wants both. hehe…
    She has her own real phone too. That’s her daddy’s old phone. Er… Is she over pampered?

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