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Mummy hardly sleep as she was sick

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2007

Elizabeth actually fell sick again these few days. And, is not easy to take care of a sick 9 months old as she will suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. And, she is not up for milk but for the sake of uncomfortable or due to separation anxiety. Yeah… once they realized that they are actually a separated beings from their mum, they are really sticky to mummy, especially breastfeed baby. And, of course situation get worst when they are uncomfortable while having flu.

These few nights, Lizzy will suddenly stand up from her play pan and signal us to carry her or she will just cry and insist that she wants us to carry. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story yet. Sometimes, she will not back to sleep even though you already hold her in your arms or let her fall on your shoulder. She might wants to roll on mummy’s bed and play with daddy. Also, this might last for more than an hour. Scary isn’t it? But, when our precious one get sick, all we ask for is to see her back to healthy again. That’s all. We just won’t mind to sacrefies a few nights of our sleeps.

In fact, mummy hardly sleep too when Lizzy was having fever not long ago cause we all know that high temperature might cause brain damage. So whenever our baby have fever, we might stay up all night long to swap our baby to lower the temperature or keep tracking the temperature every now and then just to make sure it does not gone up too high.

Frankly, it is terribly tired to take care of a sick baby. But, I think the one who is sick always suffered the most. And worst for a baby as they can’t tell. That’s what make the mummy so worry. The worries is always greater than the tiredness. :(

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