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I like my Baby sunglass

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2007

Oh, yeah! Look at this girl in pink! This is exactly my chicky baby. 😛

As you can see, she enjoyed walking around to showcase her sunglass. This is quite a good sunglass that I only get it for RM5 in the night market near my house. Its plastic is kind of soft and flexible. Hardly break. In fact, it should be considered unbreakable as it’s still fine when it got twisted. Perfect for kids use. And, it’s really tiny. Thus, fit’s my girls face well. 😛

Actually, I bought it quite some time ago. At first, we adults are the one who get excited with this sunglass. Always wanted to put it on for her. And, she will took it off immediately. She prefer to let us wear it. She really just enjoy take it off from us at that moment. But, as we praise her when we put it on her. She finally likes it. And now, she understands that’s hers. Whenever she asked for my sunglass, I will give her hers. She can accept that, but sometimes she just want to play with both. LOL! Naughty Elizabethl! :roll:

  1. Eva Said,

    wah,Elizabeth so clever know how to walk alreadi 😀 she’s so cute!

    Yeah… And start wearing dress too! :blush:

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