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Keep Coughing

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2009

Little Elizabeth got slight fever on Saturday night. Looks like it’s indigestion. As the heat subsided immediately after she vomited.  Poor girl! She really got phobia in taking medicine. Nowadays, as long as mummy pump some medicine into her mouth, she will vomit within 5 minutes. :(

What am I going to do? At the moment, mummy just keep explain to her that if a person get very sick, he might die without the help of medicine. Hopefully she can understand that medicine is good for her and might is helpful in easing her suffering from illness. Still thinking for better idea. LOL!

Also, little Elizabeth has been coughing for weeks. It’s getting serious too. Mummy can hear the sound of blocking phlegm in her throat now as she was breathing while asleep. But, you don’t want medicine. Not even honey. Yet, you always choose to sleep late at night.

Today, mummy actually boiled some almond water and add it in your milk. As the alternative way believed that Almond can strengthen our lungs. Hope it works this time.

  1. health freak Said,

    You can try boiling luo han guo. It’s good for relieving cough and phlegm. When you have chesty cough, it’s quite difficult to stop the cough.

    Yeah…Even doctors prescription doesn’t seems helping too. :(

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