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Spaghetti for her

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2007


See what I’ve got here. I am going to cook spaghetti with traditional tomato source for my girl. This is just a simple baby food recipe that I created myself. And, it’s really easy to get it serve as most of the ingredients are readymade.


1) Organic Spinach Spaghetti

2) Prego traditional Spaghetti source

3) Broccoli

How to cook:

1) cook the spaghetti ( about 5 sticks) with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in boil water for about 20 to 30 minutes.( I want it to be really soft as it would be easy for my baby to consume. )

2) Add the broccoli into the boiling water 10 minutes before you take out the spaghetti.     ( Make sure it’s still green so that it’s still nutritious.)

3) Once it’s done, take them all out. Cut only the broccoli flowers out and leave the hard stem aside. (That’s what I always did for my girl.)

4) Add only 1 or 2 teaspoons of the readymade tomato source.

5) Cut the spaghetti into very small pieces. And , serve it.

It’s delicious. She loves it. 😛

However,  I am still learning through some cookbooks and family recipes online. Hopefully I can make my own source soon. So that my little Lizzy can enjoy a healthier meal. :)

  1. sharine Said,

    Good that lizzy loves spaghetti… it is one healthy meal. En En is too chinese only take porridge and refuse anything sweet like cereal.

    As long as En En don’t feel bored. That’s good enough. In fact, porridge is far more nutritious than any western food. believe me. That’s true. Chinese food are more healthy. 😛

  2. slavemom Said,

    If u want a bit healthier, maybe dun hv to use salt when boiling the spaghetti. If I’m not mistaken (pls correct me if I’m wrong), salt is used so that the spag won’t stick together. But since u’ll mash it up anyway, no need to make her food so salty. The Prego tomato sauce itself is vy tasty oredi.

    I was thought that the salt is to make to spaghetti get soft faster. May be I should stop using the salt and see weather it is still soft. Thanks for sharing. As I really need help in cooking. I am not quite a good chef.

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