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Let’s Disco

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 7, 2009

We went shopping again upon special request. You have spotted a cashier machine in the latest Mothercare toy’s catalog. Daddy and mummy promised to buy it for you in this weekend. So, you were so excited when we were on our way to Gurney Plaza. And, this is what happened while you have great mood and nice music.

How about that? One word. Brilliant! Even better than mummy and daddy! Mummy is so proud every time I see you dancing, shaking and moving with various styles. Your hip hop is amazing! Your Indian dance is wonderful too. And, you told mummy that you also interested in ballroom dancing. Yeah… Good choice. As you can dressed up like a princess and dance with the prince charming in tuxedos. 😉

And, that’s your new watch which is a gift from “Poh Poh” about 2 weeks ago. You have always wanted a watch. But, mummy just can’t find a watch that can fit your little hands. So, this is your first watch.  Thanks to “Poh Poh”. :)

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