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I don’t want fish anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 10, 2009

Mummy thought you like Salmon as you almost finish the whole piece last week. And, it’s quite a big pieces. So, mummy bought more today. And, spend my time minced and grilled it in the oven. Then, you eat it happily for the first and second bite. Mummy was kind of satisfied. But, as mummy was about to feed you the third small piece, you said:”I don’t want fish anymore!”  :(

I wondered why you hate fish so much at this age? No vegetables in any of your meal too. But these 2 types of food used to be your favorite about 6months before. So, what you want for today’s dinner? Rice and fried omelette again? Or “mee” soup? Or mushroom with rice?

You don’t even really like pork or chicken too. It’s always “mee” or rice, with omelette or mushroom. Then, once in a while you will ask for fried prawn. That’s it! Mummy is thinking hard on what am I supposed to do to make you eat more variety of food? :roll:

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