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Enjoy your meal

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 11, 2009

Today you actually wake up yourself on 8am. Gosh! I guess it never happenedĀ  for months. Mummy is so glad that I don’t have to hear something like:”I don’t want mummy. Go away! Go away!” and “I am tired. I want to sleep.” while I try to wake you up every morning. šŸ˜›

And, mummy is kind of happy to see you sitting on the dinner table under the ceiling fan, enjoying the black sauce fried meat with rice so much.

That’s yesterday’s dinner. Yeah… You used to love this meat or black sauce chicken and chicken feet. (Yeah… My little princess likes chicken feet.) But, you stop taking all these stuffs since last month. Now, the black meat seems yummy to you again. Just take as much as you like! More protein intake will make you grow taller.

May be mummy shouldn’t worry too much. As you still have good appetite. Look like you just want to change your taste a bit once in while when you get bored. Today, you got watercress soup. Your favorite too. And, the only vegetable that you are taking now. Enjoy your meal.Ā  :)

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