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Art Class 7

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 13, 2009

 Liz:”I want to become hulk.”

Art teacher:”Huh? But, today we plan to make a Moo Moo cow, remember?”

Liz:”I want the green hulk.”

Art teacher:”Ok. We will draw a girl hulk holding the Moo Moo cow, ok?”


Art teacher:”Your hulk got wear shirt or not?”

Liz:”Wear bra.”

Art teacher:”Wow! (Start laughing) Alright. Girl need to wear bra. Where did you learn this from?”

Liz… Speechless.

Since you had enough rest, mummy actually sent you to art class on yesterday’s evening upon your agreement. Bit by bit, mummy can see that your coloring skill is improving. You should be proud of yourself. It just isn’t that hard, baby! Just as you have learned how to control the movement of the mouse and keep on click click click. Looks hard initially. But, it’s so simple. 😉

Let’s enjoy drawing, painting, dancing, singing and reading now. Even you like computer more, there will be time in the future that you can even catch up with any of the industrial computer program. But, too much computer at this age might make you future computer game maniac for sure. :(

No! No! No! Hahahaha……

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