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I think you should say excuse me

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 17, 2009

We were at the pasar malam (night market) about 8pm just now. As we passed by a baby girl…

Liz:”Mummy! I think you knocked her. “

Mummy:”Did I? But, I didn’t feel it.”

Liz:”Ya! You knocked her. “

Mummy:”Ok. Sorry, baby.”

You get silent for a while, then…

Liz:”I think you should say excuse me to her.”

Mummy:” Oh! Ya. Mummy is kind of rude this time, right? When we knocked on someone, we should always say sorry or excuse me, right?”


Mummy:”I will remember this next time. I promised. Thanks for your advice, baby.”

Hahahahaha…… Cute aye? Very polite and very clever! I like it! Good girl. 😉

However, the heavy rain just stopped. We were all wet as we tried to get into the car, which was few minutes walk away. Unbrella seems useless as the rain was too heavy. But, you still insist that you like raining. You said, you like to see the water flowing everywhere while raining. LOL!

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