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School Christmas Party (Part 1)

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 24, 2009

Mummy has yet to post your concert’s videos and pictures. Thanks to your school’s special organization of this Christmas party. We really had a great time eating and socializing together with the kids on the 15th November.  :)

So, how about some early Christmas songs which you sang loudly that day?

Opah, baby! In fact, everyone of you on the stage were so relax. Children can’t lie. Obviously, mummy had send you to the right school. A school that full of love and encouragement. And, you seem belongs to the stage. I still remember you were the loudest, when everyone of you took turn to stand alone and introduce yourself. Mummy really don’t mean to be snobbish. But you really made me feel so proud. :)

To be continue…

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