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Let’s go Book “Share”

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2009

Mummy:” Do you want more books, little book worm? How about we go to book fair later?”

Liz:” Ya. Ya. Ya. I want to go book “share”. ”

Mummy:” Oh, dear! It’s Book “fair”, baby.”

Liz:” Book f…air.”

Mummy:” Yeah… Book fair. Let’s go!” :)

So, we hopped into the car about 4.50pm and reached the Popular Year End Clearance Book Fair at One Stop Shopping Mall on 5.10pm. Then as we look around……

Liz:” Mummy, I think I like this.”

Liz:”Mummy, I want this one.”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok. How about some IQ games?”

Liz:” Yes! Yes!”

The basket seems getting heavier and heavier. Finally, this is it!

You were so happy of course. But, mummy nearly empty my purse. In fact, mummy had took a few choices out to sustain some reserves for parking. Hahahaha……

So do you love me? I still remembered you said:” Daddy, come and watch TV with me, because I love you!” That’ was few days ago. That doesn’t sounds like a book worm at all. That’s street smart! And, I like it! 😉

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