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She calls me Mama!

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 30, 2007

After a few days of observation, I confirm now that my baby knows how to call me. She calls me “Ma Ma”. Starting from few days back, I already heard she called me ” Ma Ma”. However, I just want to make sure is she really refer to me. So… I just wait for a few days and observed carefully.

Now I am happily announcing it to all of you that when she said ” Ma Ma” , she does mean mummy. How would I know? Once she saw me come out from the bedroom every morning, usually she will straight away hop into my arms since last 2 months I think. But now, before she can reach me, she will call out loud “Ma Ma” first.

Also, every time when she prepared to walk to me, she will call “Ma Ma” too. Then, if she knock on something and feel hurts, she will also cried out loud with the word “Ma Ma” almost immediately. At the same time, she will look for me, or walk to me straight away if I am around.

Actually, it’s rather obvious that every time when she wants me to carry, she will call “Ma Ma” too. Now, almost all day long I can hear her keep calling “Ma Ma”. It’s like “Ma Ma” this, “Ma Ma” that… non stop.

Oh! Dear… Finally… I got your word. I am “Ma Ma”. In fact, she is practicing “Pa Pa” now. But, since daddy always not around, sometimes she just forget. Daddy… don’t get upset, all right? Your time will come. 😉

Anyway, there is a problem here. Just because we also teach her to call her maternal grandma (my mother) “Ma Ma” ( means grandma in Hokkien) since her younger age, it seems she calling my mum “Ma Ma” too. So how am I going to correct it now? There is 2 “Ma Ma” in the house now. I guess I will just have to wait until she manage to call me “Mummy” one day. 😥

  1. slavemom Said,

    U must be so happy she called u Ma Ma edi. Kids normally call Pa Pa 1st. My boy still hasn’t called me yet but goes Pa Pa all the time, altho Pa Pa’s not at home. :(

    Never mind. Just as what I told daddy, be patient my dear. Your time will come. 😉

  2. Tot's Mom Said,

    First time here and what a nice blog you have got here. My son started with papa first before mama. Now at 2 years plus, and it’s mama and mommy being used interchangeably. Sometimes, it’s mama and at other times, mommy. Don’t know why and don’t know when he will stick to one.

    Thanks for your compliment. And, about the mama thing. In fact me myself will call my mum, mum or mummy interchangeably too. :blush:

  3. LZmommy Said,

    Feels good isn’t it? :) I was on cloud nine when my kids called me.

    Hmmm… How about calling Por Por? That’s what my kids call my Mum.

    She already got 1 por por. That’s for hubby mum! 😥

  4. wen Said,

    dont worry, babies will know the diff when they get older…
    isnt that a wonderful feeling, hearing ur baby calls u the first time….

    how abt ah ma for grandma?

    Oh! Yes! Ah mah is the best for grandma. But she still can’t pronounce the “ah” yet! 😆

  5. sharine Said,

    healy… u are in the same dilemma as I was before! my gal started to call “mama” at 8 months old… “papa” even earlier, 5 months old! But since we stay with MIL who is also taught her to call “Mah Mah” too (so sounds the same) and that time I felt so bad that she’s not referring to me. She started to call me “mieee…” when she was 13months old. But right now nobody can stop her by screaming “Ma~mie” everyday for me! LOL….

    Oh! That’s nice! I just can’t wait for that day to come asap.

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