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Tomorrow is my Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 3, 2009

So, what’s new in 3 years old?  You are getting very smart. You form better sentences. You talked like an adult with perfect logic. Also, you will always hear this from daddy and mummy:”Er… Can you stop talking for few minutes?” Hahahaha……

Yeah… That’s the greatest changes as you enter year 3. You are so talkative. In fact, too talkative now. And, you do almost everything on your own. Again, I think you are too independent. Typical perfectionist. But, I really can’t stand to see you sweaping your hands immediately after someone you don’t like touches you. That’s… ru..de, isn’t it? :(

Anyway, you still can’t live without music and songs. You can now sing a french songs from the Movie “Ratatouille” and some Hindi songs that mummy taught you. And, you dance with all styles including ballet, hip hop, disco, Hindi dance and some moves seems like exercise more than dancing. Hahahaha……

Also, you can recognize all the ways to school and your extra classes. Luckily you are not like mummy who has no sense of dicrection at all. Thus, I am hoping you can become my GPS in the future. Keep it up! I am sure you can be as good as the Garmin GPS. Hahahaha……

And look! You are so good at playing ball now. Thus, we play ball with you everyday without missed. You can hit back with your hands or kick back with your legs. Of course, you legs are still stronger. Thus, you made wonderful kicks. 😉

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