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Sleep straight!

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 10, 2009

 You don’t want to sleep earlier. So, you will sleep around 2 am. Then, you refused to wake up early. Mummy will only see you walking out of the room by 11 am or 12 noon. How about that? :roll:

So that’s how you get your dark circles under your eyes. Then, you will turn around from sleeping vertically like daddy and mummy to laying horizontally between us. Initially, daddy might fell from the bed once he was pushed to the edge. But day after day, his balancing skill is so good now. Never see him falling anymore even though he still have to sleep like a line at the edge of the bedside sometimes. Hahahaha……

Now, there is something new. Last night, your feet has step on mummy’s face again while you turned horizontally among us. it might happened a few times in a night. It’s super duper irritating! Sleep straight! 😯

Also, you still crying or making noise at the middle of the night. Sometimes, it’s because you are hot. Sometimes, there is something to do with the blanket. But, most of the time it’s because you want milk. I wish I can read your mind. But, why don’t you just tell mummy what you want. That’s definitely a better and hassle free way. Speak out, baby! Oh… no more baby. You are just ain’t baby anymore. :(

So, that’s how mummy got my dark circles under eyes. LOL!

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