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It’s Hello Kitty

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 19, 2009

We were heading to “Kek Lok Si” in the afternoon. But, there were so many cars on the way. Eventually, we turned back and dropped by a pet shop. So that’s it? You refused to go home. So, we went to Gurney Plaza again. LOL!

Once in the mall, mummy just can’t stop looking here and there. Eventually, mummy spotted something nice for you. Thinking may be carrying a nice school bag might make you more willing to get back to school when the holiday ended.

Like it? I remembered I used to said something like this to grandma when I was still a little one: “Mummy, you keep buy and buy and spend all the money. Do you keep some for me?” I wondered when will you asked mummy the same question too.

Don’t worry! Besides some reserves for you, mummy and daddy will make sure we have enough retirement fund and complete Medicare supplement insurance too. How about that? Hahahaha……

By the way, you were happily sharing with your close friend who is also your schoolmate about your new school bag when you met her at Gurney Plaza.

Liz:”See… My bag. This is a Kitty Cat. So nice! And, this house is so cute! Haha!”

Looks like mummy is right. I am sure you are looking forward to share with your other schoolmates too. Hehe……

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