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Her 1st Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2007


3 days ago little Lizzy was sick. She got fever. However, I didn’t bring her to the doctor this time because I still have paracetamol  with me. For 3 days, I just watch her carefully. And, I did gave her paracetamol during the second day when her fever is about 39 degree. After 3 feeds, she finally recover the next morning. 

Time flies. Today is already my girl’s 1st Birthday. And, if you asked me how do I feel?  I felt like she has grown up a lot. Now that she is stronger. I am glad that finally her body system can quickly recover from her sickness. Also, I am proud that She can calls “Mama” now. And, she practical learn up those have been taught almost immediately. Even if we don’t teach her, she will still catch up all  the vocabulary through her own observation.

  • She is still in bubbling stage.
  • But, she already understand that if she wants to walk, she has to wear shoes.
  • She likes to walk in the garden.
  • She can remember where all the things kept.
  • She will open the cupboard on her own and take out the shoes to let us wear for her, every time she wants to walk in the garden.
  •  She still wake up every night for her milk.
  • Each time, she only take about 4 Oz pf milk. However, she prefer chocolate flavor now. Thus, instead of only Babynat, now I will add 1 scope of Dumex 1+ chocolate milk for her.
  •  If she wants milk and she was given with the wrong thing, says water, she will say “milk milk”.
  • Still no meat for her,  but lots of fish and vegetables.
  •  She will eat rice with soup sometimes, instead of only porridge.
  • She  has about 6 teeth now.
  • She is still taking jar fruits because she likes it so much.
  • She can walk very well.
  • She will say ” mai mai mai” means don’t want in Hokkien, if she rejects something.
  • She learn how to dance.  ( Just by waving her hands and turn round and round)
  • She likes to play with computers. (I think she just want to join us all as everyone in the house always on computer, including mummy, daddy, her uncle and her grandma. )
  •  Still very clingy to mummy.
  • Baby shows that she likes including Barney, Brainy baby, Bee Smart Baby and Baby Einstein. ( Baby Einstein is her favorite among all the other 3.)
  • She likes to play Peekaboo. And, she looks really cute when she is trying to bend her body a bit and so that she can look out for us while she is still half hiding behind the door.
  • She likes umbrella.
  • She like soft toys too including Patrick ( the dog), Teddy bears and Winnie the Pooh is her all time favorite.  ( In fact, she will hug her Pooh every now and then).
  • She can recognizes and relates things quite well. For example, if you ask her where is the Christmas tree, she will point to the ring that are using the same “grass” and red and gold deco too. Obviously, she understands that they look alike and both are meant for Christmas too. 😛
  • She can point out car, apple, toothbrush, comb, bear, dog, lion, swimming costume, banana, fish, bird, giraffe, elephant, shoe, flower, fan, snail, and so on.
  • She is quite concern with her things now. For example, if I show her something in the supermarket and mention that I’ve bought for her, she will ask me to take it once the cashier has packed it in the plastic bag.
  • Still very friendly.
  • Things that scare her and will make her cry:  someone with mustache, dogs’ bark, car horn, my dog.

That’s it for no, I think. Happy Birthday, my girl. Mum and dad loves you, my dear… And, you are doing well. Mummy is so proud of you. 😉

Her simple birthday party will be held on this coming Saturday. 😛

  1. Kay Said,

    It’s amazing in a short amount of time, kids grow so fast before a blink of an eye…… cherish you baby sweet moments!

    I will. Thanks for dropping by. A warm warm welcome to “I am Elizabeth”. Hope to see you more often here. 😛

  2. anggie Said,

    wow.. time flies … she turn ONE , happy birthday LIZZY. Yah.. she doing very well in her development, i m proud of her too … very good and clever girl u have. :)

    And quite naughty too! Haha! 😆

  3. anggie Said,

    heh … she afraid of dog ?? Jeremy love dog very much, he even excited when the dog is barking … hahaha

    LOL! Brave Jeremy. My girl nowadays very manja lah. :sad:

  4. sharine Said,

    Happy belated birthday lizzy! you have grown up so much!

    En En has one thing in common with lizzy… the Pooh bear! En En even cannot sleep without it!

    LOL! Lucky Pooh, everyone is crazy over him!

  5. slavemom Said,

    Aiyo.. aunty vy late liao (summore thot Sat’s the actual day.. duh..) Happy Belated Birthday, Lizzy! You’re such a clever girl. Aunty vy impressed with ur development too.

    really? Thanks for your compliment! 😆

  6. wen Said,

    u called this no meat ah!! very gd edi lor, just nice ler… sick ah, aiyoh, no wonder she looked so sad here.. bin jui..

    hehe… as slim as mummy. 😉

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