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Let’s Party Tomorrow

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 7, 2007

Tomorrow is my little princess official birthday party which we only celebrate among family members. I guess my only concern is her 2 cousins. I am so glad that they manage to attend her birthday party as she really loves to have kids playing with her. After all, it’s her birthday party. She is the limelight and the party should be something delighting her.

At first, I wanted to invite all the mummies and the little ones that I know through blogging. However, I am not quite an organizer. I don’t think I can handle it well. So, I finally decided to make it simple. 😛

Next time ya… all my friends. I have to trained myself up to be good in organizing events first. But, I am looking forward to make such a big and meaningful party. Hopefully next year I can make it! 😉

Want to have a look at her birthday decoration? Check it out here.

  1. slavemom Said,

    A very Happy Birthday to dear Lizzy! May u get lots n lots of presents. 😀

    Oh! I did! Mum and dad afraid that I might get too few, so they even bought 3 for me! hahaha….

  2. Jacelyn Said,

    Happy Birthday to your little Elizabeth! May she has a memorable and pleasant day!

    Thanks. I had a wonderful birthday.Full of joy, full of laughter! 😛

  3. LZmommy Said,

    Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth! Sorry auntie is late wishing you ya :)

    What a coincidence! I celebrated my babies on Saturday too :)

    😯That’s nice. May be we can do it together next time. L or Z?

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