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1st Birthday Party (Part 1)

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 13, 2007

I guess everyone is waiting for the updates about Lizzy’s birthday party. Even daddy keep asking me why he still can’t see anything about her birthday in the blog. Mummy is so sorry, Lizzy. I am doing it now, ok?

It’s show time now! 😛

Dear Lizzy, mummy got a house for your 1st birthday. Hopefully few years later when you look back into these photos, you will still fall in love with this cake. As mummy make the choice, I think you would prefer something really colorful and triking. So, I pick this “Red Mushroom House”.

Now that you got a house, may be I will get you a doll next time. And, I promise I will bake a beautiful birthday cake for you in the future with my own 2 hands. And, mum and dad also think that this 3D cake from Coffee Bean Cafe really worth its price as it did appeared more attractive than the sample photo.

Anyway, this 3kg chocolate butter cake definitely looks great from the outside but taste normal for the inside. Most of our family members are not happy with the taste during the party. It’s hard! You know why? That’s your mum’s fault as mummy shouldn’t place it so long in the fridge. The cake is still cold and a bit hardening when we cut and distribute it to everyone.

However,when we ate the cake after it had been defrost during the next day, the chocolate taste became so rich and hardness of the cake is just nice. Anyway, the sugar paste used to create the house was meant to throw away. Full of coloring and you will never like it once it melts in your mouth. It’s too sweet, just like you are seating sugar.

Besides, as cupcakes has become the recent “hot cake” for birthday, thus there are cupcakes for your birthday too. As I already took them out for some time before the party start, they are soft like cotton and taste fantastic! Also, how is the look? Nice, aren’t they? 😉

It’s all about cakes for this post. TO BE CONTINUE……

  1. sharine Said,

    the cakes are pretty to the eyes and glad that mummy snap down the pic for memory. I’m the traditional type… 1st birthday cake must be in round or with the figure 1. So outdated horr…. I want my kids to know that they are no difference from our generation, they still have to learn to appreciate what they have… they are too lucky nowadays.

    I thought we as parents should be praying day and night, hoping they will be lucky forever! 😯 I think I still hope that everything that my girl’s get will be much better than mine. Ha! Sound so kiasu hor… :tounge:

  2. Annie Q Said,

    WOW! The cake look awesome!!!
    I had saw this on coffee bean broucher, at that time i also think of getting one for my boys too, end up didnt. Ya, actually this kind of 3D cake is nice to see, the taste so so only…and the cup cakes look so lovely too!

    Next time I will only get those with fresh cream. But, I still hope it can be 3D. 3D is always nicer. 😛

  3. LZmommy Said,

    Seems like I have problem posting in your blog :( All the comments I keft didn’t go thru…

    Wishing Elizabeth a very Happy belated Birthday!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Don’t know what has gone wrong again!
    Anyway, thanks for your greetings.

  4. slavemom Said,

    Wow.. a vy nice house cake. Too bad it din taste as fantastic as it looked. Cute cupcakes too. I esp like the one with gingerbread man.

    Yeah… nice! But, it’s all over, even Christmas is over…

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